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Calendar Events Creator

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Create Google calendar events using spreadsheet data. Booking: submit Google form to create events
Calendar Events Creator creates multiple events using your spreadsheet data. The add-on sends data entry from spreadsheet to your calendar to create new events automatically.
Use for booking.
Submit Google form to create Google calendar event, create Google calendar events from your Google form.
Delete the events from the spreadsheet /table.
Update Events automatically.
Customize event fields such as event title, event description, event location.

Issue: date of 1970
How to solve: set your date to a four digit year with two digit month and two digit day, or "MM/DD/YYYY" format

- Add event to different calendars - spreadsheet to calendars.
- Delete events
- Check your remaining quota.
- Customize event fields 
- Export data from Google Spreadsheets to Google Calendar.
- Export data form Google form to Google calendar.
- View created event.
- Invite guests.



Version: 63
Updated: August 13, 2017
Language: English (United States)