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Calendar Event Importer

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An add-on to import data from one or more Google Calendars into Sheets.
This add-on allows you to select one of the calendars from your list, and import the events from a range of dates which you specify. The import will automatically split your attendees into logical groups, shorten the hangout link so that it is more usable in sheets, as well as several other actions. 

A note on localization:
> All dates will be initially formatted based on your Spreadsheet's "locale". You can view and change that setting by going to "File > Spreadsheet settings...". You can also change that format using Sheets' standard date formatting options.
> The start time is initially formatted in 24 hour format. You can change that format using Sheets' standard time formatting options.
> The format of the date input fields in the sidebar is controlled by your operating system's language/location settings. 


Version: 11
Updated: July 23, 2015
Language: English (United States)