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ByteScout Lines Sorter & Cleaner

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ByteScout Lines Sorter & Cleaner sorts lines, cleans text. removes duplicate lines
ByteScout Lines Sorter and Cleaner is a handy and useful sidebar plugin for Google Docs created by ByteScout for all who works with documents every day and who love lists, ordered lists, and hate spending time on sorting and cleaning text manually. Plugin can do sophisticated sorting like sorting by last names or by numbers inside each line.


* Works inside your Google Docs and shows as a sidebar at the right

* Completely FREE! No subscriptions, no payments, just useful functions to sort and clean text

* Privacy: plugin is not connected to any 3rd party services. Your document and text are NOT shared outside. All stays inside your Google Docs account.


* Sort and re-order selected lines by alphabet (from A to Z or revers Z to A)

* Sort and re-order selected list of names by first name by alphabet  (from A to Z or Z to A). Useful for list of full names.

* Sort and re-order selected list of names by last name by alphabet (from A to Z or from Z to A). Useful for list of full names.

* NEW: Sort lines by length (shorter first or longest first)

* Sort and re-order selected list of lines by numbers inside each line (from A to Z or from Z to A). Useful if you have list of items with prices.

* Shuffle lines to re-order items in a random order

* Capitalize each line (i.e. make first letter of each word capitalized). Useful for list of names.

* UPPERcase each line (i.e. turn all words in all lines into CAPITALIZED letters)

* lowercase each line (i.e. turn all words in all lines into lowercased letters)

* Clean each line from leading and trailing spaces (for example, turns "   John Smith  " line into "John Smith"). Useful for text that you have copied and pasted into your document.

* Clean text from non-alphanumeric characters. Useful if you copied and pasted text and want to remove all strange characters from text

* Clean duplicated spaces from text. Everyone hates double spaces because they are making harder to search text. With this function you may just turn every double space into single space

* Clean duplicated lines. Useful for list of names, items, items with prices. This function will check duplicates and will make sure to have only unique lines in your selection.

* NEW: Clean lines from lowercase or UPPERCASE characters

Suggestions or comments? Please send your feedback to SUPPORT@BYTESCOUT.COM

P.S.: Almost forgot to share a super useful tip for every Google Docs user: when you copy and paste text from another source it is always copied with a font size, colors and other formatting things. The solution is simple! Just select this snippet and press "WinKey+ \" on your keybord (or  "CMD + \" if you are on Mac OS) and the selected text will be cleaned up from formatting! Hooray!


Version: 9
Updated: June 8, 2019
Language: English