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Bulk Sheet Manager

offered by Tovly Deutsch10,109 users


Delete, protect, and hide sheets en masse with the powers of shift click and the "select all" button!
Bulk Sheet Manager is a tool for performing actions on many sheets quickly. Deleting, protecting or doing any other action to many sheets is a pain. It takes 3 clicks and mouse movements to delete just one sheet! Imagine if you had to delete 50 sheets! 150 clicks and countless minutes of wasted time! That's where Bulk Sheet Manager comes in. It provides you with a neat list of all your sheets where you can easily select many sheets at once using shift click and the "select all" button. Then just hit one of the action buttons to delete, protect, or hide all of those sheets at once. It's blissfully fast!


•Mass delete

•Mass protect

•Mass hide

•Mass unprotect

•Mass unhide

•Shift select

•Select all button


Version: 16
Updated: January 15, 2019
Language: English