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Brainstorming Race

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This is a brainstorming tool based on Google Docs and Forms.
Brainstorming Race is a tool that allows teams that don’t necessarily work in the same space, run brainstorming sessions using Google Docs.

Instead of using pen and paper, the team collective thinking is gathered leveraging Google Docs real time collaboration. Google Docs is a perfect tool for brainstorming because it allows the group to engage with each other and build on other ideas.

Brainstorming Race helps the facilitator to control the session by creating session timeouts. When the timeout defined by the facilitator expires, the session is over. At this point, the facilitator can decide to play a sound announcing the end of the session and to remove edit access to the participants, so they can’t keep adding ideas and they can move to the decision making phase.

Once the brainstorming time is over, the facilitator can use Brainstorming Race to help the participants to take a decision about what are the best proposed ideas. The facilitator will simply select the ideas in the document and then press the “CREATE” button. A Google Form with the ideas will be automatically created, so the participants will be able to use the form to vote for the best idea.


Version: 18
Updated: March 27, 2017
Language: English (United States)