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Create blogs quickly with Google Sheets
Blogloom is a blog publishing service that is simple to use. You can build your blog in minutes with Google Sheets. But, it is also powerful enough to scale. You can extend your blog it into a full fledged website that can serve millions of users.

1. Create your blog in minutes
If you are already using Google Sheets to maintain blog ideas, you can quickly convert them into blogs with Blogloom. You can publish each row in your spreadsheet as individual blogs in a single click.

2. Engage with your users
Your users can comment and share your blog on social media with Blogloom. All these features come out-of-the-box and maximises the reach of your blog. You dont have worry about setting up any of these hooks.

3. Convert your blog into full blown website
If you want to expand beyond blogging, you can build a full fledged website using Blogloom. You can use it as a CMS to publish the sheets as web pages. It is WYSIWYG and super easy to build web pages.

4. Scale to millions of users
Blogloom is backed by the highly scalable Google cloud platform. Once you publish your sheet, it is served by Firestore and Google App engine that can handle millions of users. The team that built Blogloom has built applications that has scaled for 100s of millions of users on the same infrastructure. So, you don't have to touch anything to scale to millions of users.


Version: 53
Updated: February 2, 2018
Language: English (United States)