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Create your blog with Google Sheets
If you have a dataset that is useful to your customers, you can use Blogloom to churn out hundreds of personalized blog posts and get them interested in your blog. You can extend it into a full fledged website that can serve millions of users. Here are the 2 interesting ways, you can use Blogloom:

1. Personalized blog for B2B startups
If you have a dataset that is useful to your customers, you can churn out hundreds of blogs. Each blog can be personalized to your customer, as Blogloom creates one blog post for each row in the spreadsheet. It will be highly engaging to your customer, even if individual blog may not have high traffic. This could be super useful for B2B startups, where you are targeting large businesses with personalized blog to generate inbound leads.

2. Crowdsource your blog to customers
You can send interview questions to your customers using Google Forms, collect them on spreadsheet and publish them as blogs. This way, you can collect valuable insights/customer validation for yourself and their peers. Alternatively, you can ask domain experts in your industry for such interview. Collecting them as Google Forms makes it informal and less intimidating to publish blogs.


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Updated: August 31, 2018
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