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Blogalyzer - very simple content analytics

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A 3-click visual way to understand your blog's performance. Get an overview, see how your distribution works, improve your strategy
Blogalyzer is a fast and visual way for marketing professionals to understand their blog's performance.

The add-on connects with your Google Analytics account and turns your data into an easy, visual dashboard. It will allow you to see what matters in a few clicks, compared to thousands of clicks in Google Analytics.

What matters for content marketeers & marketing managers:

- a historical performance overview of all your blogposts.
- a coloured dashboard that shows you which blogposts were read when and how much.
- discover which articles aren't read anymore and how you should re-distribute them.
- a detailed overview per blogpost of acquisition data: where did your readers come from?
- a detailed overview per blogpost of conversion data: did your readers convert thanks to this blogpost?
- a detailed overview per blogpost of geographical data: where in the world are your blogposts' readers?
- a detailed overview per blogpost of demographic data: age, gender, device type of your readers.

How it works:

- we connect to your Google Analytics account you've picked and download the data of a blog or website you've chosen.
- we store the data, but promise not to share it with any other party or use it for any other benefit than giving you the dashboard.
- we parse the data into a week-by-week or month-by-month view that isn't offered by Google Analytics.
- the sidebar shows you details of a blogpost that requires hundreds of clicks in Google Analytics.
- you can update the data every time you enter the add-on in a matter of seconds. We won't update it without your consent and the only time we connect to your Google Analytics data is when you require us to.

More features coming soon:

- easy comparing of blogposts
- weekly reporting per email
- distribution history
- sharing access with team
- more conversion data
- ... 

Tell us what you want to see!


Version: 11
Updated: December 21, 2018
Language: English