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Sign documents quickly & easily by using Bitsign.
Sign documents quickly & easily using Bitsign.

Using Bitsign you can sign any document directly in Google Documents in just a couple of seconds.

To do this, you simply need to open or upload your document to Google Drive, run Bitsign extension, create a new digital signature by scanning a QR-code via Sender Messenger or select the previously created signature and sign the document by clicking "Sign" button.

To sign documents Bitsign uses elliptic cryptography based on Bitcoin. This completely eliminates the possibility of faking your signature.

It is also worth noting that Google Documents works with all major popular document formats (PDF, Word, Excel, etc.), making it a universal tool for storing and processing corporate documents.

Turn your Google Documents into a powerful tool for document management with Bitsign!

What’s new in Version 5:
Now you can sign documents via Android devices.
Stay tuned in. In the next version we’re preparing to add Bitcoin-based Document Encryption.


Version: 5
Updated: October 4, 2016
Language: English