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BeeBole Timesheet

offered by
30,511 users


Track time, absences, bills, costs - Gain reports, insights, history - Control budgets, KPI’s, your business
Time Tracking should be as easy as selecting a client and a task. No fuss. So that's what we've made.
And it is right there in your Google Apps. 

Employees can track what they are doing while they are doing it, or fill in timesheets later. 
They sign in with just one click.

And you export your time reports in real-time directly into your Google Drive.

Just see it for yourself and sign up now for a 30 days trial! (5.99 per user per month after)

BeeBole main features:
- Track time and absences
- Control billing, costs and budgets
- Get real-time reports
- Approve timesheets
- Send automated reminders
- Print on PDF
- Multi-currency / Multi-language

Google Apps Integrations:
- Easily onboard new employees with automated users creation
- Sign in from Google, no need to re-enter your login and password
- Export built-in and custom timesheet reports to Google Drive in one click
- Add your Google Calendar to your Timesheet screen


Updated: October 28, 2014
Language: English