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BBCode Export

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Export your formatted Google Docs as bbcode for pasting into your favorite forums.
BBCode Export adds the option to export your formatted Google Docs as bbcode, the square-bracket tags like [b] and [i] that are used by many internet forums. This means you can write long posts in Docs, and export them at the end without having to reapply your formatting by hand.

Use it for sharing fiction writing, instructions, manuals, or just long, detailed posts that go on for pages and pages.

5th April 2017: Fix in nested list support to handle leaving more than one list at once; previously this would fail to put enough [/list] tags in
4th April 2017: Added support for nesting lists; previously they would just show as one single list
7th June 2016: Updated for IFRAME sandbox mode


Version: 10
Updated: April 5, 2017
Language: English (UK)