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Attendance Sorter

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View attendance in a neat, compact, easy to understand format with automatic data sorting.
Tracking attendance using Google Sheets and/or forms is convenient yet frustrating. Each time a user signs in to the form, a new row is added to your sheet and soon you’re left with hundreds, thousands of rows and very little usable information. Manually recording attendance in a sheet is a pain as well

Attendance Sorter fixes the unorganized mess of Google Sheet Attendance by automatically sorting your attendance into a neat, easy to understand format in a separate sheet. 

You can submit attendance via a form or via a sidebar built into Attendance Sorter.

Attendance Sorter lets you quickly and easily : 

  ● See who attended what meeting

  ● View the attendance of each meeting

  ● Check the attendance of each member 

  ● Automatically show only the most recent meetings


Version: 18
Updated: September 8, 2016
Language: English