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Archive Data

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Automatically store historical data from your Google Sheets reports and dashboards before it gets refreshed.
Archive Data lets you automatically store historical data from your Google Sheets reports and dashboards. Set a schedule to paste from range X to Y, backing up data before it gets refreshed. 

You have a monthly dashboard that uses the "Google Analytics spreadsheet add-on" and a Salesforce connector to automatically pull in new website and customer data each month. When the report refreshes and gets populated with new data, the old data is wiped out. With this extension, automatically save January's data in a new column before it gets overwritten by February's data.

*Choose your source and destination ranges
*Choose whether to archive to row or columns
*Copy formatting or paste plain text
*Scheduling options (hourly, daily, weekly, or monthly) or archive immediately
*** Generally you should choose an archive time an hour or two after the report refreshes.

2019-09-25: improved navigation options
2019-08-19: increased save request limit
2019-06-24: last day of month scheduling
2018-07-06: new archive to rows functionality
2018-04-23: improved scheduler functionality
2017-12-10: archive to the same column

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Version: 36
Updated: September 24, 2019
Language: English