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Build a custom mobile app from your Google spreadsheet. It is easy, takes only a few minutes, and no coding is involved.
Start with a Google Sheet and create your own mobile app with AppSheet. 

The app can show and collect different inputs including photos, signatures, GPS location, and scanned barcodes. 

Use AppSheet if:
 1) You want a custom mobile app to brand and distribute to employees, colleagues, or customers
 2) You are not a software developer
 3) Your team works on a phone or tablet to capture information
 4) Your team needs to work seamlessly offline and online
 5) You want the app to have rich functionality
 6) You like the power of building and deploying a custom mobile app in minutes!

The data captured by your apps is always in sync with your Google Drive, so you can use regular Google sheets in conjunction with AppSheet. Your apps can also work with a variety of other data sources and SQL databases.

Join over 150,000 people using AppSheet to build mobile apps in government, education, small business, and corporate environments. 

Common use cases include field service, transportation, customer surveys, incident reports, field data capture, compliance reports, delivery tracking, student questionnaires, property surveys, and a whole lot more!

If you are in the education or non-profit sector, AppSheet can help you innovate without the usual budget constraints.

Also, consider using the AppSheet Add-On for Google Forms, which opens up a broader array of mobile apps driven by Google forms. 

(1) Install the AppSheet add-on.

(2) Open a spreadsheet that has its data structured as a table. Make sure you have column headers and at least a few data rows.

(3) Start the AppSheet add-on from your add-ons menu.

(4) Click “Go” within the AppSheet pane. This will take you to in a new browser tab 

(5) If this is the first time you are using AppSheet, you will be prompted to sign in to AppSheet with Google Drive and provide the necessary permissions

(6) Voila, your data is now available via AppSheet! You can now modify how the data gets displayed on the app and use advanced features such as mapping, forms, charting, and more.

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Updated: August 8, 2018
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