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API Connector

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API Connector lets you access API data from thousands of platforms directly within Google Sheets. No coding required!
Thousands of sites provide access to their platforms via an API (application programming interface). The API Connector add-on has an intuitive, easy-to-use interface that lets you get data from these APIs into your Google Sheets worksheet. No coding required; just enter your URL and API key.

*Easy-to-use interface
*GET and POST support
*Save your API requests for future access
*View API responses directly in your sheet
*Choose whether new data should overwrite or append to existing data
*Reference cells in API requests
*Choose how to display nested JSON data with a built-in JSON-to-Sheets converter
*Schedule API pulls to refresh automatically on an hourly, daily, weekly, or monthly basis (paid feature)

When you install this add-on, you will automatically enter a 7-day free trial that activates all features. After 7 days, you can choose to upgrade to a paid plan or continue using the free features. The free version of this add-on enables up to 10 daily API requests, while the paid version allows unlimited requests, scheduling, and some additional power features.

Use this plugin to:
*List popular YouTube videos by category
*Analyze Mailchimp email activity
*Get employee time and project details from Harvest & Asana
*List out products from your Shopify store
*Get AB test result details from Visual Website Optimizer (VWO)
*Import weather data from OpenWeatherMap
*Create tons of other cross-platform reports, visualizations, and data mash-ups


Version: 21
Updated: September 29, 2019
Language: English