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Acrolinx is an AI-powered platform that delivers strategy-aligned content, at scale.
Our technology captures your goals, analyzes your content, and helps your teams create content that meets your objectives. 

Customize your content guidelines to fit your goals and tell your story in a way that’s engaging, readable, and compliant.

As you write, the Acrolinx Sidebar guides you to create content that’s aligned with your strategy.  Acrolinx ensures you’re using the words and phrases that are relevant to your company tone of voice and the audience you’re trying to reach. See where your content is strong and where it could be stronger with a detailed Acrolinx Scorecard and Analytics insights. 

Acrolinx is not a stand-alone authoring tool. It works directly with your company’s existing Acrolinx installation.  If your company already uses Acrolinx, the instructions below will help you get started. 

If your company doesn’t have Acrolinx installed (or you’re not sure) we’d love to help you learn more.  7 of the 10 most recognized brands in the world trust Acrolinx to improve their content. to discover how your organization can communicate with one voice.


Version: 19
Updated: February 21, 2019
Language: English