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Acrolinx analyzes your content against thousands of rules that make language great – such as style, grammar, terminology, and tone.
Acrolinx is an enterprise software platform that analyzes your written content and helps you make it better. To use the Acrolinx add-on, you need to connect to an Acrolinx server. If you've already received your Acrolinx server address, you're good to go. If your company has installed an Acrolinx server, but you don't have an address yet, ask your server administrator first.  

Once you connect to an Acrolinx server, the Acrolinx add-on will display as a sidebar panel within the Google Docs authoring environment and it will show you the following 5 things about your document:

1. Spelling - Similar to other spell checking tools, Acrolinx will show you any spelling errors in your document. 

2. Grammar - Acrolinx will show you any potential grammar errors in your document.

3. Terminology - Acrolinx will show you any words or phrases that violate your company’s specific terminology.  These are often brand terms and product descriptions unique to your business.  Please note, your company-specific terminology is managed through your Acrolinx system administrator.

4. Style -  Acrolinx will show you ways to improve the style of your document such as fixing long sentences or improving your choice of words. 

5. Voice Scores - Acrolinx uses sophisticated linguistic analysis to measure the clarity, formality and liveliness of your content.  


Version: 14
Updated: June 12, 2018
Language: English