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µFunds lets you import data for mutual funds, pension plans, ETFs... from Morningstar to your spreadsheet by using a simple formula.
µFunds is a Google Sheets add-on to import all type of data for your mutual funds, pension plans, ETFs, stocks, insurance-linked funds... into your spreadsheet.

More concretely, you will be able to import an asset's last NAV and its date, currency or expenses ratio, as well as asset category and other attributes from Morningstar and other data sources. By the use of a simple spreadsheet formula, the desired data can be introduced into your document for many purposes, e.g. portfolio supervision and management or investment strategies.

Once installed, µFunds is ready to use: after introducing the data attribute and the fund identifier, the information will appear in the selected cell. Funds can be identified by their ISIN (European funds), ticker (American funds) and also by their Morningstar Security ID (all funds and many pension plans). Check the documentation for a complete list of compatible assets, countries and identifiers.


Version: 15
Updated: October 29, 2019
Language: English